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Cleaning Products Provided

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We go out of our way to make our customers happy, please read their testimonials
Yes we can shift your furniture or appliances to clean under/behind/sides if requested!

Affordable Rates
We provide TWO expert cleaners and bring all of our own professional supplies, including vacuums for FREE

Hours 4 4.5 5 5.5 6 6.5 7 7.5
Rates* $280 $315 $350 $385 $420 $455 $490 $525
*plus HST - Payment methods: Debit Card, Cash, Visa, Mastercard and AMEX, no cheques pls

Gleem is different from other cleaning companies as we post our rates and cleaning times. We use TWO professional cleaners so we can be in and out of your house quickly and minimize the disruption to you. We bring all of our own professional cleaning supplies and equipment for FREE.

The time we need to clean your home depends on the size of your residence and your cleaning priorities. Please call us at 416-240-9860 and we can let you know how many hours we will require to clean your home to the highest standard.

Guaranteed Home Cleaning Rates Gleem Deep Cleans Your Home
Gleem's professional cleaners will clean your house, apartment or condo to your specifications. We are the best at what we do and do not just dust and surface clean. Gleem scrubs, sanitizes and details your residence.

We take the time to do a complete walk-through of your home with you when we arrive to ascertain what your cleaning priorities are. When we are done we complete a spot check with you to be sure we haven't missed anything that is important to you.

We are different as we are true cleaners!
YES WE DO scrub shower tile grout, hand-scrub floors and baseboards, pull stoves and fridges and clean inside, underneath and their sides. We move furniture if required and vacuum and mop underneath, plus we also detail window and sliding door tracks if requested!

The following detailing services require more time than a general cleaning so please call for details:

  • Move Ins/Outs
  • Deep cleaning sessions - Spring cleaning
  • Hand scrubbing floors and window track detailing
  • Pull appliances and clean under/sides/behind
  • Clean inside cabinets/fridges/stoves - remove any items - clean and sanitize - replace items
  • Pull furniture from walls and clean baseboards/vacuum and mop floors underneath
  • Expert renovation dust cleaning

  • We provide the best services available and we bring our own professional cleaning products for:

  • stainless steel
  • marble and granite counters
  • leather, wood furniture and cabinets
  • hardwood, laminate, ceramic or natural stone floors
  • washroom fixtures and tiling
  • inside stoves and fridges
  • if you require the use of green cleaning products they will be provided for FREE based on your brand requests

  • We are not a maid service! Our cleaners are highly trained and experienced trades-people that scrub down and sanitize areas/items and bring step-ladders and special poles with us just in case you need us to clean upper cabinets and light fixtures.

    Guaranteed Home Cleaning Rates Detailed Regular Service
    We provide monthly and bi-weekly cleaning services as well to ensure you can enjoy the cleanliness of your home each and every day. The difference between Gleem and other companies is that the same cleaners will be cleaning your residence every time. This is important because our cleaners have to get to know your residence, learn what your cleaning priorities are and then clean it properly according to your instructions.

    We don't believe that a proper cleaning job can be done in one hour, so we made our minimum time 3 hrs with THREE cleaners for detailed regular service. On our first cleaning visit we may require more time to get your residence to the point where we can then maintain it properly. You will see the difference once we are done!

    The number of hours it will take to clean your home depends on the size of your home and your cleaning priorities. Please call us at 416-240-9860 for details.

    Guaranteed Home Cleaning Rates Show Cleaning for Homes and Condos
    Have Gleem clean and detail your residence before pictures are taken for listing or right before your open house. A pristinely clean and move-in ready home can sell much faster and at or above asking price in many cases.

    One of the most important factors in successfully selling your home is to correct any issues that may be seen as a negative by a buyer. Here is a partial list of what can negatively affect the sale of your home or condo that should be addressed before listing

  • An unclean fridge, stove, range hood or dishwasher
  • Kitchen cabinets or backsplash that are visibly dirty and greasy to the touch
  • Unclean floors
  • Dusty closets
  • Dirty baseboards within washrooms, the kitchen and the entry-way or mudroom
  • Dirty or moldy window tracks and screens
  • Bathrooms with dirty toilet bases and seat joints
  • Fingerprints on trim or light switches
  • Washers and dryers with dirty seals and doors
  • Cobwebs in high areas, crown molding and light fixtures
  • Excessive dust or pet hair visible on floors and underneath furniture
  • Dirty mirrors, mirrored sliding doors and door tracks

  • When Gleem arrives at your residence we will do a complete walk-through with you. This allows us to identify any cleanliness issues that may affect the sale of your home and work to correct them.

    Please call us at 416-240-9860 for all of the details of how we can properly clean your home or condo for sale.

    Home Cleaning Vacuum

    Guaranteed Home Cleaning Rates Testimonials

    Paul, North York (Renovation Dust Cleaning)

    Just writing this to thank Mike and his team for helping us.

    Me and my wife have been living through a renovation for about the last six months and finally all work was finished. It took two month longer than it was supposed to and when they were finished the contractor told us they would vacuum and mop the floors, thats all. After they left it was no good, the dust kept coming back and me and my wife kept feeling sick. I found Gleem and Mike on the internet and he told me he could get rid of the dust properly and make sure it doesn't come back.

    Gleem spent the whole day in our house and wiped down everything and even took the dust off our walls, and had vacuums running the whole time ( Mike told me thats the only way to get rid of it) to suck the dust out of the air and wipe everything.

    When we came back to see what they had done our house smelled so clean just like it was brand new. That same night me and my wife were finally able to sleep properly and the dust didn't come back after.

    If we wouldn't have found you guys I don't know what we wouldve done, Gleem fixed in one day what we couldn't fix in weeks of trying to clean it up.
    Thanks Mike, Ann and Spencer for doing such a good job on our home! We will refer you to anyone of our friends that is thinking about renovating their home

    Dear Mike, family and staff, (Expecting/Baby Homecoming Cleaning)
    Thank you very much for your great service. When I originally spoke to you guys I have mentioned that it was very difficult to find someone who does the services that your team provides. Your team did exactly what you said you do and much more. Your team service was fantastic and very friendly. Both my husband and I are very appreciative with the fantastic work your team has done. We would highly recommend your services to anyone!

    Thank you and warmest regards, Tina & Matthew P.

    -GLEEM NOTE on the above testimonial-
    Tina is pregnant, is due soon and was moving into a new apartment. She was frustrated as she could not find a cleaning service that would move the furniture in her unit and clean underneath, plus many other special requests that she had.
    I didn't find any of her requests unreasonable, Ann and I would want the same cleaning done if we were bringing a new baby into the house.

    Tina is a really nice lady that needed help because her husband works long hours and was running around buying the items for the apartment when he had time. They were both overloaded with responsibilities and had no time to clean the apartment properly.

    I was very surprised that other cleaning companies could not help her. Tina is so nice that she even tried to help us clean when we were working on her unit, but I had to stop her, that's our job. In the end we did a great cleaning job on her unit. Her linoleum floor also needed a hand-scrubbing and we were happy to do it, it cleaned up nicely. Now she feels great about bringing her baby home when it comes. We are glad she is happy and are awaiting the birth announcement.

    Thank you for thanking us Tina, we are glad that we were able to help you out!

    Richard, Brampton (Deep Clean/Monthly Cleaning)
    I wanted to wrrte this thing to let everyone know I have used all kinds of other companies and I now see that gleem is the best. The other ones didn't even vacuum underneath our furniture, our pugs always had dust and had hair on them and they spreaded it all over the house. Now we've got real cleaners that do underneath our sofas and beds and clean inside our kitchen drawers and fridge. Now that we have gleem coming me and Ramona are real happy. Gleem is the best cleaning service by far, and I know because I've tried so many, even the big name ones.
    Guaranteed Home Cleaning Rates Special Move-In Cleaning Times
    and Rates

    We have completed many hundreds of move-ins and everyone loves the work that we have done. Most of our new customers come from referrals!

    Trust Gleem to properly clean your new home, we are move-in and deep clean specialists. We are confident in our expert cleaning abilities and guarantee that your new home will be germ free once we are done. Our team leaders and expert cleaners are the best in the business!

    MOVE-INS/OUTS and Renovation cleanings take longer than regular cleaning sessions, so please call us at 416-240-9860 for details.

    For your move-in we will complete the following:

    • Clean and sanitize your ENTIRE home to accomplish our germ FREE standard
    • Deep clean outside and inside your fridge, stove, microwave, cabinets and closets
    • Deep clean and sanitize all washrooms from top to bottom
    • Clean your bedrooms, family room, laundry room, basement
      and entry-way
    • Clean all baseboards, trim, windows, vacuum all carpets and mop all floors
    Plus much more, please call for all of the details!

    Dates book up very quickly. Call us soon at 416-240-9860 7 days a week (8AM to 11PM) to ensure we can clean your home on the date you require.

    Guaranteed Home Cleaning Rates Renovation Dust Removal Cleaning

    We are expert post-renovation cleaners that can remove the dust in your home. We bring special equipment with us that removes the dust from your walls without water and and we bring ladders and poles to reach above high items where dust is present.

    In our experience (many hundreds of homes) it really doesn't matter how good your contractor is at clean-up, they never seem to be able to completely remove the dust they create in your home.

    Excessive construction dust is an annoyance but can also cause headaches, unpleasant odours, sinus irritation, and may contribute to the aggravation of asthma and other breathing difficulties. All of the dust created during your renovation must be removed to ensure a healthy environment and to allow you to enjoy your home as intended.

    This is where Gleem's special equipment and extensive experience comes in.

    We start from the ceiling of a room and the tops of items and work our way down, wiping or dusting every surface as we go. This includes all walls, cabinets, furniture, counters, backsplashes, trim, baseboards, window sills and the inside of all cabinets and closets. The final stage is to vacuum and mop the floors with the proper solution (your flooring installer may recommend that your floors not be mopped for a period of time to allow for curing, if so please let us know).

    We possess the proper material knowledge (e.g natural stone, hardwood, stainless, glasswork) so you can be assured that your new areas/items will be cleaned with the appropriate products. We also pay particular attention to your floors and have special equipment and knowledge to ensure that we will not scratch or mark them.

    Please note - Our renovation cleaning services do not include removing/scraping paint or drywall compound from floors and windows or removing contractor debris or tools (your contractor or painter is obligated to do this for you).

    Gleem's job is to completely remove the dust
    from your home once your contractors have finished their work, and rest assured we do it better than any other company.

    We understand all of the hard work that you and others put into your renovation, including the expense involved and the many disruptions to your daily life. What's important is to finish the work properly and allow you to enjoy your home as intended.

    Gleem can guarantee that you will enjoy an immaculately clean and DUST-FREE home after we have completed our work!

    Renovation cleaning takes longer than our normal services as absolutely every surface and item in the house must be cleaned, including inside cabinets. Please call 416-240-9860 for all of the details. Call us soon as not to be disappointed, bookings fill very quickly!

    Guaranteed Home Cleaning Rates Testimonials

    Ted, Markham (Move-In)
    We just bought a house and on moving day we noticed how dirty everything was as soon as we walked in the door. My wife was very upset and didn't want our kids to touch anything in the house. Gleem came out the very same day and cleaned our 3000 square foot house in one day and cleaned and sanitized everything. I don’t think we would’ve even stayed the first night in our new house if it wasn’t for Gleem. Mike knew what was happening with our new place just by talking on the phone with me when I described it to him, and when they showed up they did exactly what they said they would. They even cleaned stuff that I didn't think about like the covers for the fans in the bathrooms and inside the washer and dryer . We are very happy with their service. Thank you so much!

    Nenette P. (Landlord/Show Clean)
    I asked Gleem to clean one of my condo units that I wanted to rent. They did a great job and the cleanliness of the unit is what I think allowed me to rent it out ahead of schedule. The tenant loved how clean everything looked upon viewing and signed the lease the same day.

    Brenda (Deep Clean)
    Thank you so much Mike for doing such a great job! Clayton was really happy! I mentioned to the boys about having you come once a month for a couple of hours and both agreed that the service would be worth while. Clayton is home now and will be returning to Toronto early September to continue with school. We will contact you mid September. Thanks again to you and your wife! Brenda

    Frank, Etobicoke (Move-In)
    Me and my wife just bought a home and were very excited about moving in. We didn't realize how dirty it was until it was empty and we really saw everything and all the grime all over the place. It looked good when we bought it, but when we actually got it we saw how dirty it was. Gleem came and cleaned everything! I'm telling you everything, even the dirty baseboards, I don't know what we would've done if we didn't find them on the internet. Gleem you really did a great job and made my wife real happy! Thanks Mike and Ann for everything you did for us! We really love our new home because of you.

    Vita, Scarborough (Spring Cleaning)
    I’ve used other cleaning services and have seen that Gleem’s rates are the best, and they really do a great job.

    Judy, Mississauga (Monthly Cleaning)
    I am a senior and it’s hard to clean a lot of things in my apartment. Mike and Ann come and clean the things that I can’t, and it doesn’t cost a lot so I’m very happy. I can't bend down to clean the things on the floor so he told me to leave it for him, and he moves heavy things around for me when I need it. Mike even changes the burned out lights for me and doesn't charge me more. His wife does such a good job on my washroom, before they came I didn't use my bathtub, now I can. Mike and Ann really help me with my apartment and I'm glad I found them.

    Jennifer, Toronto (Move-In/Problem Area Cleaning)
    I really appreciate all that you did for us; I can't thank you enough. You made an extremely frustrating situation comfortable and that is priceless. I have already informed people about you and Ann and will definitely be calling you in the future when I move. Also, I want to thank you for putting together the details regarding the condition of the apartment.

    Jennifer was moving into an apartment that was unsanitary for her and her 3 year old son. Before she moved in she called another cleaning company to prepare her home for move-in. The work was not done properly and she called us in the next day - it was our day off but we had to do it, we couldn't say no. We made sure the apartment was clean and sanitary for Jennifer, and she was happy with our work.

    It makes us feel good that our work is appreciated and that we help people feel excited about moving into their new residence once we have cleaned it properly. Thank you Jennifer for thanking us, we were glad to help you and your son enjoy your new home!

    Paul G., Downtown Toronto (Monthly Cleaning)
    I’m Paul and I own a new condo. I work two jobs and don’t have time to keep my place clean. I found Gleem on the internet and now they come every month and when I come home from work every day my place is so clean that it feels just like I moved in. Especially my bathroom, it feels like I just checked into a hotel when I come home after they cleaned it. Thanks!

    My wife and I decided to partner with our best friends and buy a triplex in the beaches as a rental investment. I am writing this because Mike and Ann saved us from having to spend a lot of money on replacing stuff. I don’t know how they did it but they saved all the appliances and things like the kitchen cabinets, which we thought might need to be torn out. It was an absolute mess when we closed and saw the place and we were wondering what we got into. We put all of our savings into the building and need to rent the units out right away. Now the units are ready for showing, they did such a good job all I got to do is some painting to get it ready, we are going to show it on the 15th. It took them 12 hours to clean the building, Mike said it was non-stop scrubbing the whole time. They even saved the al the things we thought would have to be junked, like the cabinets tubs and the toilets. You guys saved us a lot of money and more than that you gave us hope that we didn’t throw our mony into something that would take our savings away. We will be showing on the 15th and I am sure we are rent them all out very fast. Thanks Mike and Ann

    Gleem Comment Thanks Adam for thanking us, we are way too happy that we were able to save the appliances and the cabinets. I am confident that anyone viewing the units will not hesitate to rent the space(s). Let us know when you rent the units out, we always want to hear good news. We have seen this too often, where someone buys a property and then is surprised by the condition once they see it empty. Mark and Adam were the lead owners on this property and were very nice and realistic on what they expected from us. It is their first venture into the real estate market. There was the possibility of tear outs and replacements and I made sure they knew this before going in. In this case we were fortunate that most issues were fixable and that we were able to get it into move-in ready condition. It was not easy to knock-off three units in one day but we managed. As it stands when we finished our cleaning job - after scrubbing and cleaning all appliances, cabinets, fixtures, toilets and tubs we found that nothing major had to be torn out and replaced. All three units are in good shape to allow them to list the units and they have a high probability of success of getting what they want for them. It was a tough and dirty job and days after everyone was real sore, but it was well worth it because Adam and Mark and their wives were too nice with us and they were expecting the worst. When they came to see what we had accomplished afterwards they were way too surprised and happy. Tough days like that are rewarding because you feel like you are actually helping someone and you realize that they appreciate your work. Those units had to be ready for tenants as soon as possible, even one month without rental income would hurt them financially. We were able to get them to the point where they have a viable investment, ready for tenants. We wish them the best and hope they get great tenants that will take care of their units.

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